Boozimba Party App

Under Development

  • Discover pubs
  • Search based on moods
  • Make reservations
  • Connect with party goers
  • Access Boozimba community
  • Experience night life

The boozimba party app creates an experience to search new party places, take a peek in their offerings, make reservations and dine with the them in a smart and contactless way.

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Classic Bartender


  • Global cocktail menu
  • Connect any ingredients
  • Customized cocktails
  • Remote operations
  • Order management system
  • Contactless dinning

The boozimba classic model is suited for smaller pubs as it contains a single dispenser capable of making a single glass of cocktail in a minute.

Medusa Bartender


  • All features of classic model
  • 3 parallel dispensers
  • Large mixers for cocktail pitchers
  • Custom designed
  • Pub management ERP
  • Access to pub branding portals

The medusa model is suited for bigger pubs as it can prepare cocktail pitchers, custom drinks and has a very unique design which stands out in any place.