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Pubs Discovery

Were you looking for a snazzy pub with a hot dance floor and ended up going to a soulful place by the terrace The boozimba app understands your preferences and gives tailored recommendations you can count on to have a nice evening. We work with different pubs to make sure your appetite for partying matches with the services they provide.

Smart Dining

It takes a lot of patience when you are waiting at your table for an order placed long ago. With the boozimba app, you can not only place your order from your phone in a contactless way, but also you can track the status of each item on your order, ping the kitchen and a lot more.

Perfect Cocktails

We know every person has a unique taste when it comes to their drinks. Some may like it hard, some may like it sweet while others may like it shaken. The boozimba cocktail machines makes drinks based on the customer's choice by providing a variety of options to tweak the strength, chillness and taste of their cocktails.

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I have an undying passion in robotics and love building machines to solve problems of common users. Being a party animal at heart, I hope to spread this culture through my technical skills in software and hardware design.


Being a law graduate, I believe my process oriented state of mind along with a constant urge to build a vision which focuses on giving the best partying experience helps to create a balance at boozimba.

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We love building technologies for hassle free parties.

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